Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Cioppino's Mediterranean Grill

Long time no see! Honestly I decided to start writing about my food adventures again because every time I went out to a restaurant, I would take pictures of the food but not post them anywhere - what a waste! So here I am, sharing my food pictures with you once again, bear with me while I get used to this :)

Tonight, E and I spontaneously decided to try Cioppino's. It was a place I had been interested in a while but hadn't thought of the opportunity to try. The atmosphere of the restaurant is lovely, and would be a very nice place for date night. I must first apologize here for my photos - while yes, it was quite dim in the restaurant, I really didn't try to take any good photos because I hadn't really planned on blogging again (these were all just really for my personal food diary). But no more excuses, I'll try harder from now on!

We were immediately given some bread to start:
Honestly I have no clue what the spread was, but it was kind of hummus like. It was alright but the bread was a tad too tough for my liking.

For our appetizer we ordered the Hokkaido Scallops ($20) to share:
Keep in mind that this is my portion of the appetizer only, the waitress came and portioned out our appetizer onto separate plates for us. The scallops were cooked very well and extremely flavourful. But at $20, the portion size is pretty small for what we received (3 scallops in total).

I ordered Fettuccine Bolognese ($28) :

This was not quite to my taste but E enjoyed it. The noodles were cooked perfectly al dente and there was a good balance of meat in the sauce.

E ordered Potato Gnocchi ($28):
This came with a tomato sauce and covered in mozzarella. It was quite tasty and the gnocchi were pillowy soft.

On the service: while our waiter was extremely attentive, he did not seem friendly at all. After paying our bill, he basically threw the receipt as us with a grunt. This definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.

Although the food was decent, I felt like it wasn't anything spectacular, and likely won't be back.

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