Sunday, June 8, 2014

Memory Corner

Memory Corner opened just a few months ago, and I was extremely eager to try it because of the hype about the "potted dessert." What is this, you ask? You'll see soon below!

When I arrived, it was packed, and there was a lineup! I think E and I waited about 25 minutes to be seated and by the time we finally got a table, we were famished! First, E ordered a Potted Milk Tea:

This is essentially milk tea with chocolate cookie crumbles on top! I have to say that the chocolate crumbles make a huge difference in that it adds texture and a delicious chocolatey taste to the milk tea. Very good, and only $0.25 more expensive than their regular milk tea, so why not?

Next, we got the Crispy Fries:

These had a very unique seasoning that I had never tasted before, and the fries were very crispy (like the name says!). Definitely one of the better fries I've had!

The Chinese Beef Rolls:

I love these! While these are no different from the beef rolls I've had at other restaurants, these did not disappoint.

Since I was craving noodle soup, I got the Tomato & Beef Tendons in Noodle Soup:

Okay, I have to say that my mouth is watering a little bit just thinking about this. It was incredibly flavourful and the beef was very tender.

E got the Taiwanese Deep-Fried Crispy Chicken in Noodle Soup:

The crispy chicken is also known as popcorn chicken or chicken nuggets, and you can get this dish at pretty much any Taiwanese restaurant. They were seasoned very well and tasted awesome. However, the noodle soup was super bland - the base tasted pretty much just like water.

Now the reason I came here - Potted Dessert:

This actually just ice cream with fruit bits, topped with a chocolate cookie crumble. It's good, but nothing to write home about. The novelty of it is of course its selling point!

The service at Memory Corner was very good, and the staff was friendly and polite. Will certainly be going back!

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