Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dazzling Cafe

My friend told me about this place, pitching it to me with the fact that the chairs had bunny ears, so of course I had to try it out. Dazzling has some pretty strange hours - E and I arrived at 12:30pm and there was already a small line up outside. We lined up and then found out that the restaurant does not open until 1pm (I think that has since changed). We were one of the first people in the restaurant and the decor was indeed very cute!

I first ordered a Ice pomelo and peach tea:


PiDGiN specializes in sharing plates and creative cocktails, so it was decided to be perfect for an after-work get together with friends. We had our eyes set on plenty of the dishes, so lets just dive straight into the photos!

First, a cocktail. I got the You can play with my yo-yo (hehehehe):

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Salt Tasting Room

Salt has been on my list for a very long time because, duh - meat, cheese, and wine! What's not to like? Here's how it works: the restaurant has their daily meats, cheeses, and condiments up on a chalkboard. For their tasting plates, you can select any combination of 3 items (meat and cheeses) and also 3 condiments. If you can't decide what you want (trust me, it's pretty difficult to decide when you want everything), they also have pre-designed plates. Oh, and did I mention, there's also wine - more on that later.

I got a Tasting Plate ($16):

Cioppino's Mediterranean Grill

Long time no see! Honestly I decided to start writing about my food adventures again because every time I went out to a restaurant, I would take pictures of the food but not post them anywhere - what a waste! So here I am, sharing my food pictures with you once again, bear with me while I get used to this :)

Tonight, E and I spontaneously decided to try Cioppino's. It was a place I had been interested in a while but hadn't thought of the opportunity to try. The atmosphere of the restaurant is lovely, and would be a very nice place for date night. I must first apologize here for my photos - while yes, it was quite dim in the restaurant, I really didn't try to take any good photos because I hadn't really planned on blogging again (these were all just really for my personal food diary). But no more excuses, I'll try harder from now on!

We were immediately given some bread to start:

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Memory Corner

Memory Corner opened just a few months ago, and I was extremely eager to try it because of the hype about the "potted dessert." What is this, you ask? You'll see soon below!

When I arrived, it was packed, and there was a lineup! I think E and I waited about 25 minutes to be seated and by the time we finally got a table, we were famished! First, E ordered a Potted Milk Tea:

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Adorabelle Tea Room

Adorabelle is a quaint little place in Steveston that looks just like a house. I had been wanting to come here for some time as I find that afternoon tea is either a huge hit or a huge miss - and I'm looking for a huge hit!

As you enter, you'll notice that the decor is...well...adorab(e)l(l)e (haha), and the tables look spotless with cute cups like this:

Monday, May 26, 2014


L and I decided to head to L'Abattoir before she headed for her month-long vacation, and we were both really stoked to try this place because of the rave reviews. L'Abattoir has also recently been listed as number 23 of Canada's top 50 restaurants on!

We arrived at 6pm to a completely empty dining room, which was very nice as it made us feel like VIPs (hahaha). It filled up within the next hour of course.