Friday, August 2, 2013

L'Opera Patisserie

My friend had been ranting and raving about L'Opera for some time now, claiming that their macarons were some of the best she'd ever had. So of course, when she took me there, I had high expectations! The interior of the patisserie is absolutely beautiful. It's quite small, but very elegantly decorated. The first thing I noticed were the desserts...

...And then the macarons!

I decided to go with a passion fruit macaron and a rose raspberry macaron, and a rooibos tea:

I have to say that the macarons exceeded my expectations! The passion fruit macaron tasted incredible, and not artificial at all. And the rose raspberry, oh my, it was divine! It had an actual chunk of raspberry in the filling, which I absolutely loved. The only thing I didn't like was that the exterior of the macarons didn't have much of the crispiness that I prefer, but that's just an extremely minor complaint. Other than the delicious macarons, the tea was quite good as well.

The staff at L'Opera was also very friendly, and without a doubt I will be going back!

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