Friday, August 9, 2013

Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House

I have heard SO much about Joe Fortes, and I finally got to go there a few weeks ago to celebrate a friend's birthday!

Of course, what kind of celebration would it be without some drinks! I ordered a passionate mimosa:

It was pretty good, but the taste of sparkling wine was very prominent, so if you don't like really alcoholic tasting drinks, this is probably not for you!

Of course, I had to order oysters! I ordered one Gem and one Joe's Gold:

The Gem was good, but oh my goodness the Joe's Gold was REALLY good. I never really had a fondness for oysters before but this actually made me change my mind! The dipping sauces they came with were also really tasty, and totally made me regret not getting more oysters.

Next up, Joe's signature Benedict:

Wild mushrooms, crisp proscuitto, truffle sage hollandaise

The proscuitto was very yummy and gave the dish the salty kick that it needed, and the eggs were poached perfectly. However, the hollandaise tasted a bit bland to me, and I did not like the hash browns.

Lastly, dessert! I ordered a key lime pie:

This pie had just the right balance of sourness and sweetness, and of course the presentation was beautiful!

The service at Joe Fortes was absolutely incredible. Despite the food coming out a little slowly, our waitress was so wonderful. My friend didn't like the first thing she had ordered, so the waitress actually recommended her to order something else, at no extra charge. And after finding out we were celebrating a birthday, she brought out a complimentary creme brulee for the birthday girl! She was also incredibly attentive and so very sweet. I cannot say enough nice things about her!

Overall the experience at Joe Fortes was awesome, and I will not hesitate to go back.

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  1. omg, the food looks amazing and of course very mouth watering ><