Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer for Estée Lauder GWP @ The Bay

Okay, I shamefully admit that I never buy anything from the department store unless there is a gift with purchase involved. I've been waiting for an Estée Lauder GWP for a while now because I needed to restock on one of my beloved products, and when I realized that today was the beginning of the GWP, I was super excited!

This time, Estee Lauder collaborated with Lilly Pulitzer for an adorable set of products.

When you spend $36.50 or more you get the following:
• Advanced Time Zone Creme and Eye Cream OR Resilience Lift Creme and Eye Creme
• Choice of Pure Color Lipstick shade
• Advanced Night Repair
• Sumptuous Mascara
• Exclusive Lilly travel bottle duo

When you spend $80 or more you get:
• Pure Color Eyeshadow Compact in your choice of Bold or Subtle
• Mini travel pouch

I spent over $80 so I actually got all the goodies! However the lady at the counter never asked me for my choices of lipstick or eyeshadow, she just picked up a bag and gave it to me, so I'm a bit perplexed and confused about that (probably my own fault for not asking about it though).

For the cremes, I got the Resilience Lift set, but I'll probably be giving it to my mum. And as for the mascara, I have tried it before, it's not bad but also not waterproof, so I am unlikely to use it.

For the lipstick, I got the color 'Pink Parfait' which I actually already have from another GWP...

It's a frosty baby pink color that is somewhat sheer but buildable. Below you can see it swatched on my lips (in the worst quality image ever, I apologize!)

The formula is nice, creamy, and not drying at all. However, it is a bit too frosty for my taste and doesn't suit my skintone all too well, so I don't find myself reaching for it...ever.

I'm pretty sure I got the eyeshadow set in 'Bold', but I'm very curious as to what 'Subtle' looks like, since I'm not exactly big on wearing blues and greens.

Again, I won't be reaching for this often, because (a) I rarely wear eyeshadow, (b) I'm not going to reach for 3/8 colors, (c) The eyeshadows are not the best I own. They're not un-pigmented, but they're also not amazing.

You can see swatches of the green and darker blue above. They apply alright, but are a little bit chalky, and like I stated before, the pigmentation is not fantastic.

I am most excited about the bags and the travel bottles! The makeup bags that come with Estée Lauder GWPs are always awesome, super spacious, and very sturdy (I think I own like 4 of them now). Also, the travel bottles are a wonderful size and I've been desperately needing some.

So maybe I don't sound incredibly impressed, but hey, it's essentially free stuff, so if you've been eyeing some stuff from Estée Lauder, go grab it now so you can get this GWP! The offer is valid until March 17.


  1. The pouch is cute! GWP items are always great. I remember my mom giving me hers whenever she buys from either clinique or estee :)

    1. Ahh I have a GIANT makeup bag that came with a Clinique GWP and it's so useful *__*