Monday, February 25, 2013


Leonidas is apparently very well known for their Belgian chocolates, and according to Wikipedia, "Leonidas has become one of the highest producing, widespread chocolate companies in the world." Okay, I'll admit, I had never even heard of Leonidas until a friend of mine posted about it on Facebook, but hey, I never said I knew everything.

Anyway, I was mostly intrigued by their macarons because I had been craving them for some time now. Strange, because I know gosh darn well that macarons are just pure sugar and I do not think they're the most amazing treat in the world, despite them being the epitome of fancy French confectionary. But, I digress, I do enjoy a good macaron once in a while (note: if you haven't tried Thierry's lychee macaron, go try it NOW). Leonidas has a decent selection of macarons and little desserts...

...and chocolate!

I got two macarons - rosewater ganache and earl gray ganache, and also a chamomile citrus tea.

First off, I was disappointed because I could've sworn that the rosewater one wasn't a ganache. All I could taste was the chocolate ganache and nothing else. The earl gray was better, and I could taste a hint of earl gray, but the chocolate taste of the ganache was still kind of overpowering. (And that was the day I learned that I don't like chocolate ganache in my macarons). Besides that though, the macarons had a good texture - a light, slightly crispy crust and a soft (NOT sticky at all) inside. The tea was quite good, not very bitter, and both the chamomile and citrus flavors were evident and complemented each other nicely.

The service at Leonidas was very good; the gentleman working there at the time (manager, I assumed) was extremely polite. My empty plate was taken away quickly, and when the water in my tea was getting low, he came right away to ask if I needed more.

I would definitely love to go back to Leonidas to try some of their other macarons (despite having a slightly disappointing experience with the two I got, I do think there is potential for the other ones). They also have belgian waffles and ice cream, so I most certainly want to try those!

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