Saturday, March 2, 2013

Starry Night

Starry Night Restaurant recently had a Groupon for $21 for high tea and chocolate fondue for two (or $39 for high tea and chocolate fondue for four), so I was taken there on an 'experimental-surprise', given that I had never been there before.

As soon as I entered the restaurant, I became a bit weary because it was practically empty if not for one table occupied by two elderly ladies. But okay, I went at 4pm, and that's not exactly rush-hour, so I'll cut them some slack. However, I had read tons of reviews on Starry Night and had mentally noted that it was not going to be a great dining experience, and the service was going to suck. I'm going to foreshadow a bit now, that the service was nowhere near sucking. We were promptly seated by a very polite waitress, who noted our Groupon and took our drink order (the Groupon also comes with a coffee or tea for each person).

Now, lets talk about the high tea first:

Like most high tea sets, this came with three levels, each level comprised of doubles of each item. I'm going go ahead and give a brief overview of each level individually.

The bottom level consisted of two scones, two quiches, with strawberry jam and whipped butter:

The quiches were good, but I'm fairly sure they came from one of those packages of frozen hors d'oeuvres you can get at Superstore (this is seriously just an assumption). The scones...not so good, better with strawberry jam, but still not so good. They were extremely tasteless, but please note that I never liked scones in the first place.

The middle level consisted of tuna salad 'sandwiches', tomato and egg sandwiches, and ham sandwiches:

I actually quite enjoyed the sandwiches. They were all pretty good, especially the tuna salad and ham ones.

The top level consisted of the much anticipated desserts!

The strawberry tarte thing was okay, but it was messy to eat and there was just too much crust for my liking. The little pudding thing was good, but I'm not a fan of mango flavors. However, if you do like mango then I think you would really love this. I also wasn't a fan of the little cake, it was too rich-flavored for my liking, but if you like dark chocolate then perhaps you would like this (I'm beginning to sound very picky).

Now, onto the fondue:

Really, there isn't much to the fondue, but I was glad, because by the time I got to the fondue I was really full (I'll admit, I also ate only a few hours before I went to Starry Night). All I really have to say is that the fruits were nice and fresh, and the chocolate was good.

Now, more about the service. Our waitress was extremely polite, our food came quickly, and as we left, someone held open the door for us (and he was very polite as well). There was no unnecessary interaction, but there also wasn't a lack of service.

Overall, I cannot say that Starry Night was an unpleasant experience. It wasn't exciting by any means, and I likely would not want to pay the full price for the meal we got, but there wasn't exactly anything wrong with it. Note that if you do go there for high tea, it is likely that you won't get the exact same items as I did. Given how cheap the Groupon is (it's still on!), you can go and give it a shot if you'd like!

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  1. Oh my god, everything's so quite delicious! Love to eat all the food, hehee!

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