Friday, January 11, 2013

Man Ri Sung

I have never even heard of this place before, let alone been to it. It's hidden in a little corner close to PriceSmart and apparently (after doing some research), they're pretty well known for their Peking duck.

Man Ri Sung is a very small restaurant (I'd estimate around 10 tables or so) and we arrived at 6:30pm, when only 3 tables were occupied. However, this seems to be quite a popular location, because shortly after, people were coming and going and the restaurant was consistently full.

Due to a mistake (which we Chinese people call "big eyes, small stomach") at a previous Korean restaurant, my friend and I decided to only order two items (still a case of "big eyes, small stomach" as you'll soon see). First, of course, came the standard Korean appetizers.

This may be standard, but it was delicious! I'm not big on kimchi, so I didn't have any of that, but everything else delectable. The strands of radish were slightly spicy but still had the slightly sweet taste of radish with a nice crunch to it. The potato was incredible, just the right amount of sweet, and the bean sprouts were quite nice as well.

Second up was the spicy pork backbone hotpot.

This. Was. SO GOOD. First off, I hope you can see that the amount given is huge. This could easily feed three people, maybe even 4. There is pork backbone (6 LARGE pieces), some cabbage, an abundance of noodles, and potato all in a delicious spicy broth.

My bowl of pork backbone and soup

Let me first just talk about the pork backbone. The meat was so tender and easy to pick off the bone. It was also flavorful and not bland at all. The soup was just the right amount of spicy, just a nice kick, not the kind of spicy that leaves your tongue numb for days. The noodles were delightfully chewy and also quite delicious.

Last up was the beef roll. I apologize for the fact that, by this time, I was in a food coma and had completely forgotten to take a picture of the beef roll on the plate! So here is a picture of a few of the pieces in a take out box. (I promise it was prettier on the plate)

This was quite tasty, nothing particularly special, but it was very flavorful (you really don't even need soy sauce) and I'm sure I would have enjoyed it more had I not been in the aforementioned food coma.

Man Ri Sung is really a fantastic little place. The food came fairly quickly (though we did come right before the rush hour hit) and the waitress was pretty attentive to us. And of course, it was delicious, so what more could you ask for!

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