Sunday, June 9, 2013

Adesso Bistro

After a month's hiatus, I am back (hopefully)! I've been busy with a new job and have found myself very lazy on the weekends, but recently I just went to Adesso Bistro and feel that it is necessary to write about it.

Adesso is located on Haro street in a quiet neighborhood amongst apartments. I decided that I needed to try it out because of the rave reviews on Urbanspoon. The interior of the restaurant has a cozy and romantic vibe, and there is an absolutely gorgeous patio as well.

First the waitress brought us some focaccia with olive oil and balsamic dip:

The focaccia was sooo good, covered in herbs and little chunks of sea salt. A great start for what's to come!

Appetizer number one, pizza ai funghi:

Truffle fonduta, roasted mushroom, fontina cheese, truffle oil

This pizza was absolutely divine. The mushrooms were so flavorful, the crust was wonderful, and the cheese was perfect and not overwhelming. Probably one of the best pizzas I've ever tried, seriously. Even though this is supposed to be an appetizer, you could just order one for yourself as an entree and it should fill you up no problem.

Appetizer number two, salumi:

Platter of homemade cured meats, sott'olio vegetables

Once again, DIVINE! The waitress had explained all the meats to me, but the only one I remember is that the one on the very right is duck prosciutto. All of them were absolutely delicious and the pickled vegetables complemented them perfectly.

Now for entrees, penne salsiccia (I apologize for the decreasing image qualities at this point, it started to get darker inside!):

This came with chunky tomato sauce and and spicy italian sausage. The sauce was very yummy and the sausage brought such a good kick to the dish. The pasta was also cooked perfectly, just a little bit more than al dente.


This is a roasted half cornish hen, which came with a chickpea puree (I think) and carrots. The hen was very moist, but I found it a little bit bland for my liking. Definitely not bad, but not something I'd order again.

Lastly, drinks! Roma:

vodka, Cointreu, cranberry juice, a touch of sweet lime

Very fruity (almost like a fruit punch) with a rather faint alcohol taste. I very much enjoyed this.


I don't quite remember what was in this other than Prosecco, peach liqueur, and possibly pear liqueur. The Prosecco taste was quite strong, but it was still a nice drink.

The waitress and waiter who oversaw us at Adesso were both very kind and attentive. The food came out at a very good pace and overall the dining experience was excellent. Will definitely be coming back!

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