Monday, April 1, 2013

Cafe Savoureux

I've passed by Cafe Savoureux probably a million times, and despite how cute it looked, I've never gone in! This time, after another failed attempt at getting a seat at What8ver Cafe (if you've ever tried to go there on a weekend night without a reservation, you'd know that it's impossible), I finally decided to try out Cafe Savoureux which is just across the road from What8ver.

The interior is very cute and quaintly decorated with shelves of teacups along the walls and the whole place has a very comfortable sort of vibe. I've been craving an iced coffe-type drink for a while, so I ordered an iced caramel latte:

This was absolutely delicious! It was just sweet enough with a slight hint of caramel, but still had the light coffee taste that I craved. If you like lattes, I'm sure you'd love this.

My dessert date got the caramel pudding smoothie:

Ohmygosh this was sooo yummy! Apparently it tasted like a slushy japanese pudding or like the creme caramel that I got:

So. Damn. Smooth. It was slightly sweet and had a melt-in-your-mouth sort of consistency. Probably the best creme caramel I've had.

Lastly, ham and cheese sandwiches:

These were quite good as well. Not much to say about it since they're just a simple sandwiches, but they were still yummy!

The service at Cafe Savoureux was also excellent. The waitress was so sweet and very polite. The food came a little bit slowly, but I assure you it was well worth the wait!

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