Monday, March 11, 2013

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color

No one loves a long lasting lip color more than me. I eat. A lot. I lick my lips. A LOT. So upon discovering the Wet n Wild Mega Last lipsticks, I was very excited. I know everyone and their mother has blogged about these now, but hey, they're so good that I need to blog about it too.

As of right now, I have three colors:

968 Pinkerbell, 909D Coral-ine, 907C Mauve Outta Here

First, a little spiel about the packaging: it sucks. It feels very cheap, and the lipstick does not go down all the way, so sometimes when you're putting the cap back on, you'll knick the lipstick. Also, if you shake the tube, you'll hear the lipstick clacking around in there, so likely something's loose (for all three of mine anyway). Now, for the actual product: it is pigmented and long lasting as heck! Take a look at the swatches down below:

968 Pinkerbell, 909D Coral-ine, 907C Mauve Outta Here

That's just one swipe, and you can see that it's pretty darn opaque. Instead of swiping these on my lips, I like to just dab them for a slightly sheerer color.

The formula is pretty dry, but nothing a little lip balm or lip gloss can't solve. Do not try to wear these without a lip balm or gloss, you'll regret it! Since it's so dry, it really just grabs on to your lips and does not leave. I'm sure that if I didn't eat, this stuff would stay on my lips all day. Even after eating, my lips are still kind of stained, which is fantastic, because I hate reapplying my lipstick.

Overall, an awesome product! You can find this at Superstore or Walmart (in Canada) for $3-4.


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